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Integrating Time Abroad into Your Studies

At most of our partner universities, it's possible to study in both the fall/winter semester and/or spring/summer semester. However, please note that lecture periods differ between universities. If you only study abroad during the summer semester, it may result in an overlap between our winter semester and the host university’s summer semester. Therefore please check carefully whether a stay during the summer term can be arranged with your individual study planning.

Recommendations for Bachelor Students

Bachelor students usually plan to study abroad during their 5th semester. This is based on the fact that you'll get much more out of your time abroad if you have already completed the advanced core classes such as Microeconomics II, Macroeconomics II, and Econometrics II.

Recommendations for Master Students

While working towards your master's degree, it is only possible to study abroad after your second semester. You should have completed Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics before going abroad.