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Economics Courses

Course Catalogue

The official LMU course catalogue ("Vorlesungsverzeichnis") is usually available 2-3 month before the semester starts. It can be accessed through the LSF website.

An (preliminary) overview of courses offered by the Department of Economics can be downloaded below. In addition, the commented course overview ("Modulhandbuch") provides syllabi for most courses offered within the bachelor and master program in economics.

Lectures & Tutorials

Most courses at the Department of Economics are lectures, which are offered in conjunction with tutorials.
Lectures ("Vorlesungen") aim at the mediation of basic knowledge, deepening students' understanding of specific economic problems and at development of methodological skills. The purpose of tutorials ("Übungen") is to deepen the acquired knowledge and the conveyance of necessary methodical knowledge.

Exchange students at the Department of Economics may take all regular courses (lecture + tutorial) offered in the bachelor and the master program (Master of Science in Economics). Exchange students cannot take courses from the Master of Science in Quantitative Economics.

It is not required to sign up for courses consisting of a lecture and a tutorial offered by the Department of Economics before arriving in Munich.

While only some courses of the economics' bachelor program are taught in English, our master program is entirely taught in English.* Of course exchange students that can speak German (recommended level CEF B2) are welcome to attend bachelor courses taught in German.

Lectures require a written exam at the end or shortly after the end of the semester. Please find further information about exams and the grading system here.

*Bachelor exchange students may also take courses from the master program. However, please be aware that these courses are naturally more demanding and challenging and thus can be only recommended to advanced and highly motivated undergraduate students, who are willing to put in the required extra effort and are used to technical approaches and formal proofs (-> sound knowledge of math is required!).


Exchange students enrolled at the Department of Economics LMU* can also take part in seminars offered by the Department of Economics. However, please be aware that due to limited capacity of seminars, every exchange student can only participate in one seminar and we cannot guarantee that every exchange student will receive a spot in a seminar.

To participate students should have already had courses in at least micro-, macro and econometrics. In addtion please note that due to organizational issues, only the seminars listed in the course overview, which can be downloaded from below, are available for exchange students.

Unlike lectures, seminars usually take place blocked for two to three days and the number of participants is significantly lower than in lectures. While LMU students have to write an essay and give a presentation on the seminar topic, exchange students have the task to attend those seminar presentations and then write an essay (approximately 30 000 characters, 4 weeks). Exchange students receive 6 ECTS for a seminar at the Economics Department of LMU.

As seminars have limited capacity, it is necessary to apply for a seminar spot via our online toolApplication period for summer semester 2024 is March 27 to April 3. You can name up to 6 preferences in the online tool - the more preferences you put down, the higher are your chances of getting a spot in a seminar. We strongly recommend that bachelor students do only apply for bachelor seminars (and not for master seminars).

*Due to capacity constraints, exchange students from other Departments cannot take part in seminars offered by the Department of Economics.