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Zhejiang University (Bachelor and Master's Students)

The exchange program with the School of Economics at Zhejiang University grants bachelor’s and master’s students the opportunity to spend a semester or an academic year in Hangzhou, China.

Program Costs and Financing

Students taking part in the exchange program are exempted from paying tuition fees at the Zhejiang University, but students are responsible for providing their own funds for living costs and travel expenses etc. Zhejiang University provides information on the cost of living and accommodation in the fact sheet for incoming exchange students, which can be downloaded below.

Should you be selected for the exchange program, we recommend you to apply for a LMU Prosa-Scholarship (German). However, please note that Prosa provides only a small stipend, which might not sufficiently cover all costs associated with the program.


Applicants for the Zhejiang University exchange program should have good English language skills (min. B2). Basic Chinese language skills are defenitly a plus, but not required.

Detailed information regarding the application for exchange programs through the LMU Department of Economics can be found under "Application".

If you would like to apply, we recommend that you visit us during office hours for further information and consultation. Please find information on our office hours under "Contact".

Further Information

In case of questions, you can contact the LMU Economics Exchange Office via email at, we can then put in contact with the person in charge for incoming students at School of Economics at Zhejiang University.