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Integrating Time Abroad into Your Studies

At most of our partner universities, it's possible to study in both the fall/winter semester and/or spring/summer semester.

However, please note that lecture periods differ between universities. If you only study abroad during the summer semester, it may result in an overlap between our winter semester and the host university’s summer semester. Therefore please check carefully whether a stay during the summer term can be arranged with your individual study planning.

Recommendations for Bachelor Students

If you are currently working towards your bachelor's degree, we recommend you plan to study abroad during your 5th semester. This is based on the fact that you'll get much more out of your time abroad if you have already completed the advanced core classes such as Microeconomics II, Macroeconomics II, and courses on empirical economics.

Recommendations for Master Students

While working towards your master's degree, it is only possible to study abroad after your second semester. You should have completed Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Econometrics before going abroad.

Courses Completed While Abroad

Courses completed at a foreign university can be recognized by the LMU, assuming that they don't differ significantly from a comparable course offered by the economics department at the LMU. In general it's easier to get courses taken abroad counted as elective courses at the LMU, instead of as core courses.

A prior agreement from the examination office can ensure that your courses taken abroad will transfer to the LMU. With the Erasmus-Program, the transfer of courses agreed upon in the Learning Agrement is guaranteed.

Please find further information regarding the learning agreement and the transfer of those credits that have been earned abroad on the homepage of the Examination Office (ISC). For this process to go as smoothly as possible, it's suggested that you approach the ISC ( before travelling abroad with an overview of the courses you wish to take at the host university.

Suspending Your Studies While Abroad

It is in general possible to suspend your studies for the duration of your time abroad. This means that this period of time will not be counted towards the limit of 8 semesters (bachelor) / 6 semesters (master) of study! This can typically only be done for a maximum of two semesters. Despite suspending your studies, you can still have courses taken abroad recognized by the LMU and counted towards your degree.

A suspension of studies may be obtained at the "Studentenkanzlei". More information regarding requirements and the application process for a suspension of studies can be found on the Studentenkanzlei's website (German).