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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) Update for Outgoing Students


Outgoing Exchange Academic Year 2020-21

Due to the uncertain and dynamic nature of the current situation, we are not able to estimate what the state of things will be in a few months.

We are aware that many partner universities are offering summer semester 2020 exchange students the possibility to participate in online courses as virtual exchange students while staying at home in Munich. Depending on further developments, it is possible that online courses will be the predominant format at some of our partner universities in the upcoming winter semester 2020-21 and that exchange students might be granted the opportunity to take part in these courses.

Of course there also is the chance that some partner universities have to cancel student exchange semesters in the upcoming academic year, depending on the local circumstances and political guidelines.

At the moment, please abstain from contacting your host university for an estimation on whether and how the exchange will take place in the academic year. We will contact you as soon as we receive any further information from your respective partner university.

Cancelling or Postponing Your Stay

If you do decided to cancel your study abroad for the 2020/2021 academic year as a result of the current situation, please immediately inform the Economics Exchange Office ( and the LMU International Office (

If you are thinking about postponing your planned study abroad (from winter semester 2020-21 to summer semester 2021), please be aware that this in most cases results in an overlap of the winter semester at LMU and the spring/summer semester at the partner university. If you still think this might be an option for you, please contact us during the online consultation hours.